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PHONE NUMBER | 555-654-9991


[ You know the drill. Text, action and audio all welcome; all lines are private lines! Back-dated entries receive current-dated responses here, etc, etc.


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 Player Information:

Name: Ian
Age: 23
Contact: epidemico @ plurk // meaculpable @ live dot com
Game Cast: None

Character Information:
Name: Peter Benjamin Parker, the Amazing Spider-man
Canon: 616 Marvel Universe
Canon Point: Directly after the events ENDS OF THE EARTH, where Peter has apprehended Doctor Octopus. (Because the timeline is fuzzy on when Peter and Doc switched brains, I'll have him taken VAGUELY
 after he detains Ock and SPECIFICALLY before the brain-switch happens, at a point where he isn't in his Spider-man outfit.)
Age: 27
Here and here.


Greetings, True Believers, and welcome to our brief primer of the Marvel Universe!  To comprehend exactly how this universe differs from our own, one must understand a brief overview of the following:» The Basics

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So. Today's one of those days where the deities have their fun with us, huh? A little embarrassment for breakfast, with some awkward looks and quick switch overs to audio-mode before noon -- I get it, I get it. I've fallen into a world where Deadpool and Arcade run things; no sweat.  

[ A beat. He sounds calm, but slightly embarassed at the same time. ]

Just...Let me finish making a PG13 filter for this thing.

[ And then, off-handedly: ]

Then again, I do some of my best work in the buff.


Anyone know if there's some kind of equivalent exchange going on with these curses? Maybe one day they're just silly, then the next they're terrible -- that kind of thing?

[ here ]
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[ Bzzt, bzzt. The phone turns on to show a giant, hazel eyeball set way, way too close to the screen. There's a soft intake a breath, something close to the sound of 'Eureka!' before the view pulls back and shows the rest of whomever's holding it. The man looks rather plain -- almost nerdy, really -- and despite the situation he's all smiles. ]

Okay, so....Normally? I think I'd be pretty freaked out about this -- well, whatever's going on. Usually, New York's a lot more quiet than this when it comes to weirdness. [ He laughs, softly. ] But! It's been kind of a living disaster all over the place these last couple months, so I guess another bout of strange dimensional shenanigans isn't all that unexpected.

[ A beat. He looks around. ]

Though, the last time it happened...there were a lot more cheerleaders. [ There weren't. ] And, uh. I didn't get dragged much further than Queens, either. So...Anyone out there know who the Avengers are? ...Or the Fantastic Four? Anyone? [...] Anyone? [...] Bueller?

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][ G e n e r a l i t i e s ][

Physical Stats;
Age: 32
Height: 177.8 cm (5'10")
Weight: 75.7kg (167)
Eyes: Hazel Even though artists seem to have forgotten
Hair: Light Brown, wavy
Looks Like: NOT Toby Maguire

- Spider-mutate;
- Wall-crawling
- Precognitive Sixth-sense
- Super-human reflexes
- Super-human agility
- Super-human strength
- Super-human endurance
- Heightened metabolism
- Genius-Level Intellect;
- PhD in Biophysics
- Working understanding of
Family: YMMV/Yahweh/God (father), The Archangel Michael (brother), Elaine Belloc (niece), Mazikeen of the Nephilim (consort).

][ V i s u a l ][

][ T h e C I T Y ][

♦ Lives in the HoA
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Player Information

Name: Ian
Age: 22
AIM SN: priestlyish
email: meaculpable AT live DOT come
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yarp
Currrently Played Characters: N/A
Conditional: Activity Check Link: N/A

Character Information

Canon Source: Marvel Comics, The Amazing Spider-man
Canon Format: Comic book
Character's Name: Peter Benjamin "The Amazing Spider-man" Parker
Character's Age: Mid-to-late 30s. I play him around 33.

What form will your character's NV take? Hi-tech superphone.

Spider-app, Spider-app, does whatever a Spider-app does! )


Apr. 13th, 2011 11:15 am
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For easy reference;

Spider-man, Spider-man / Does whatever a Spider can! )

You can also check out the wikipedia article [ here ] if you want more detailed explanations.
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Facts from Peter's "definitive" back story, as told in "Spider-Man: With Great Power."

Read more... )

Crit Post.

Nov. 2nd, 2008 06:24 am
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            Contact Info
- AIM | priestlyish
- Email | meaculpable AT live DOT com
- Time Zone | GMT +4:00

             Ze Rules
- Anon Commenting On
- All Comments Screened
- IP Tracking OFF
- Please not to be killing me?


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